Young businesspersons focus on creative businesses

Young people who have an entrepreneurial spirit will change their trends in doing businesses this year when it has been predicted to suffer great fluctuations due to impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
Young people in a content creation class (Photo : SGGP)
Young people in a content creation class (Photo : SGGP)

More and more young people started their businesses in internet. Several fan pages have attracted attention of tens of thousands of people or even hundreds of followers who are traders. For instance, 28-year-old Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa in To Ky Street in District 12 shared that she has sold foreign-made clothing and cosmetics for three years earning from VND15 million- VND20 million per month. She has to update and sort out new clothes everyday as well as receive and reply feedbacks of customers without stop. She had felt fatigue at first; yet she has not been so busy later after hiring an assistant; therefore, her business has gone smoothly.

Some traders said that though there has been a slight decline of 30 percent to 50 percent against the same period last year in the quantity of orders, the value of order maintained unchanged as Tet holiday is approaching.

Le Ha Vien, owner of the fan page Cho dau cua Vien ( Vien’s market) and her teammates said that they have received orders from relatives and friends frequently. Customers paid attention to gift sets worth from VND500,000 to VND1.7 million. She revealed that her group has not faced severe competition as they have had their own customers. This year, she has taken heeds to Vietnamese-made high quality commodities, fruits, and safe foods transported from Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh City’s neighboring provinces.

Not only have traders advertised their commodities in internet, they have also contacted e-commerce platforms such as Tiki, Sendo, Lazada to have more consumers. However, they must have certificates of business registration and origin of the product if they want to sell on these above-mentioned platforms.

An experienced editor of a television lauded young dynamic people who are good at making money. She mentioned to her friend who has opened a market research company. The company just makes research on young people’s consumer habit including what kinds of make-up they use , price of these products and which stores they often buy these things as well as promotion of these products but the market research firm has received orders fluctuating from VND700 million to billions of Vietnam dong.

A newly prominent job is content creation. Content creators are those who create appealing and awe-inspiring content for the viewers. The content they create can be educational, or can simply be catchy enough to entertain and grab the attention of any visitor or passerby who wasn't previously interested in your brand.

Director of Vam Concept Media Company Tran Trieu who is also lecturer of creative content training program “Khac moi hay” ( Difference is better) said that the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in development of online business.

Presently, content plays an important role no matter of what kinds of online business as content creators have provided free and useful information to the audience, attracting potential customers to businesses’ websites, and retaining existing customers through quality engagement, he said.

Hence, young people are paying more attention to writing – which they used to neglect in a long time. Nevertheless, writing job is not easy work but it requires young people to read much and apply cleverly creative skills. Additionally, experience is also significant for a content creator.

Director Trieu concluded that young people will practice content writing more because the interesting job will attract young people in 2021.