Vietnamese Expatriates Get Visa Exemptions

The Vietnamese embassy in Canberra presented the first visa exemption certificates to 29 Vietnamese people living in Australia on September 2.

Vietnamese Expatriates Get Visa Exemptions ảnh 1
Viet Kieu come back to Viet Nam for Tet Holiday

Addressing the recipients and guests, Minister Counselor Nguyen Trac Toan said the government’s decision to exempt Viet Kieu (expatriate Vietnamese) from needing a visa to enter Viet Nam showed how much importance the country attached to this group.

Mr. Toan described the exemption as a concrete step in implementing the Politburo’s Resolution 36, which recognizes the Viet Kieu as an inseparable part of the Vietnamese nation.

On the same day, the Vietnamese embassy in Tokyo presented visa-exemption certificates to five Vietnamese people living in Japan.

One of the five, Mr. Pham Manh Kha, said he was delighted to receive the certificate and expressed his deep appreciation of the party and the Vietnamese government for making it easier to return to Viet Nam.

Mr. Kha added that the Viet Kieu in Japan were committed to giving their best to support Viet Nam’s development and, especially, to help strengthen the ties between the two countries. 

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