Phong Nha - Fairyland in Quang Binh

I have toured to Phong Nha one day and after the trip, I would love to say about Quang Binh by one word "great". Son River is located on the way to Phong Nha and it takes only about 30 minutes by motorboat. Son River is about 35-40 meters wide with blue water and the bottom lens.

Two sides of the river Son is the steep mountains soaring. Boat carrying machine we run closely along the river to witness the peaceful countryside, quiet groves are interspersed between bamboo roof sepia flickers right bank of the river Son. Sometimes we just met a couple of small boats catching fish. One scene was peaceful and poetic as I like the look of the rods Memories of old, rustic, honest.

Boat shutdown; put the boat sailing quietly taking poll carried on inside the Phong Nha. Oi warm feeling of summer in Central Laos sandy wind disappears, replaced by cool air to be sitting in air-conditioned rooms.

World Phong Nha has surprised me and overwhelmed by the space shimmering, magical. Phong Nha as a gift of the Creator has endowed this land a cave system is magnificent. From the drooping stalactites, stalagmites protruding from the bottom up as trees bristling with strange shapes stimulate the imagination of man. But everyone can put their own name for each space, each block cave stalactites in this mystery based on different imagination.

But we were really impressed with the huge stalactites cylinder connecting the bottom and arches as there are thousands, tens of thousands of people connect to each other's face, or the pleated curtain stalactites create partitions on the roof of the space. Many of the images within them taped to look like the picture wearing, so that as drawn.

Someone had to Phong Nha repeatedly shared that every time this has come back to add new comments, new associations. And a companion to join us in sharing the tour: There are now passing scene, I felt beautiful and are constantly recording the record, the review and comments with your imagination see many beautiful sketch as a legend.

Le Thi Thu Thanh Bich Khe- Trieu Long- Trieu Phong- Quang Tri Email:

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