Da Nang beaches

Danang beaches have always been a favorite destination amongst domestic and international visitors. My foreign friends who are living and teaching in Danang fall in love with the long beaches with white sand and blue sky while sunbathing and reading books at noon on the beach.

Not only do our foreign friends immerse themselves in the beauty of our scenic spots, but the local residents also look for relaxing and breathtaking moments at sunset and dawn on the beach. The beach has become an inseparable part of our life and of our foreign friends’ life as well.

The beach is a place where a wide range of activities occurs. We swim; play football, volleyball, tugs of war, hide-and-seek, and dance on gritty sand. Parents teach their kids how to walk, run, swim, and play kite on the beach. We take long walks on white sand with our beloved family and friends.

A variety of clubs ranging from environment, guitar, to music clubs organizes camping, field trips and game activities on the beach almost every day.

The local residents are always proud of the fishing industry which is one of the traditional and distinctive fields in the development of the city. Our city is famous for the variety of fish sauce which is available in all markets in the city, notably Nam O fish sauce.

Any tourists who travel to Danang could not miss dry sea food products that range from octopus, different kinds of fish to shrimps.

Connected with our daily activities, the beach accompanies us in our life phases. She raises us by her nutritious foods. Her salty smell and rustling sound lull us to sleep every night. She marks the milestones when we make friend, grow, and become mature. She experiences how our relationships and personalities evolve.

She opens her loving arms and welcomes all of us despite our color, age, gender, or origin. She teaches us to respect the differences and most importantly, the similarities and that no matter how different we are, we all share humanity.

Immersing ourselves in the steady rhythms of the beach, mother beach also teaches us the lesson that if we appreciate our present, we live long enough. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed when standing in front of the beach. We feel the finiteness of a human’s life. Life is not the matter of long or short. Life is the matter of whether we live to the fullest of our moments. No matter what happens, the beach is still there, nurtures each generation, and reminds human beings to appreciate what we have.  

Oh, my beach! When coming back, I want to run towards you and sing this thankful song to you: I thank the beach for feeding my body. I thank the beach for warming my bones. I thank the beach for the air I breathe. I thank the beach for nursing my soul.

Trang Thi Minh Le minhtrang.dn89@gmail.com Lot 47, Pham Khiem Ich, Danang, Vietnam

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