Thousands of billions of Vietnamese dong cost annually for not reusing textbooks

Regarding the implementation of Resolution No.88/2014/QH13 and Resolution No.51/2017/QH14 of the National Assembly (NA) on the renovation of general education curricula and textbooks for the NA’s supreme supervisory. Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri in Hanoi reflected that voters are extremely upset about the general education programs because of many inappropriate contents.
Textbooks still have misprints and many inappropriate words, and images are not standardized. There are too many sets of books recommended for use, causing confusion in choosing for parents, schools, and Departments of Education.

Especially, textbooks are not reused, so the society has to spend thousands of billion Vietnamese dong to buy new books every year, causing great difficulties for families with children of school age, especially underprivileged families with low income.

Sharing the same opinion, Delegate Nguyen Thi Kim Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of the NA Social Affairs Committee, also raised questions about the price of textbooks or the arrangement of History as a career-oriented optional subject at the high school level.

By staff writers – Translated by Thanh Nha

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