Record-high power consumption during scorching weather

Electricity consumption across Vietnam reached a new high of 41,558MW on June 2, said the country’s largest power company EVN.
A previous record was set on May 31 at 850.3 million kWh across the national power grid. The number peaked again on June 01 at 880.3 million kWh, nearly 25 percent up from 2020 and 15 percent up from the previous week.
Intense heat in the last few days has hindered the capacity of thermal power plants in the North and Central regions by heating up the cooling water. High temperature and low humidity also increase the risk of forest fires and safety hazards along power lines.
EVN continues to encourage safe and economical use of electricity, especially from 11:30am - 3pm and 8 - 11p.m.

By staff writers - Translated by Thao Nhien

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