HCMC detects case of vegetables faking Da Lat origin


Team 5 of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Division of Environmental Crime Prevention and Control (PC05) yesterday informed that it is consolidating necessary documents to handle the case of ‘Trading smuggled food’ of T.N Co., located in District 8.

On November 9, Team No.5 of PC05 (under the HCMC Department of Public Security) cooperated with the police force in District 8 to inspect the environment and food safety aspects of two cold storages of T.N Co., sited in Binh Dien residential area (in Ward 7 of District 8).

At that time, the two cold storages had 1.7 tonnes of carrots, over 8.5 tonnes of cauliflower, over 1.5 tonnes of broccoli. The package of these 12-tonne vegetables had Chinese labels, with neither Vietnamese sub-labels nor valid invoices to prove their origin.

T.N Co.’s Director T. said that since these vegetables had been bought in an informal way, there was no proof of purchase to identify the origin.

The functional force created a record of administrative violation against the above company for ‘trading smuggled food’ and seized all the vegetables on site to take samples for analysis according to applicable law.

T.N Co. supplies vegetables in large quantities to many clients. It had intended to fake the origin of the mentioned vegetables into Da Lat ones before selling in the market.

Trung Dung, Thu Huong, Huong Vuong

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