Go Vap Covid-19 control stations ceased due to overflowing traffic

Thousands of vehicles were stuck in line at the Covid-19 control station in Nguyen Kiem Street, Go Vap District to complete health declaration before entering the city center on the morning of June 01.
Those haven't completed the procedure were guided to a designated area near the station. Commuters must present personal ID and paperwork for authorized personnel to travel to their workplace.
Most people are let through upon completing the procedures, but those who failed to provide relevant documents were stuck standing at the site. These crowds of people and vehicles pose a great risk of cross infection. The station in Nguyen Kiem Street had to let vehicles through after several hours.
The same situation happened yesterday at entrances to Go Vap District on May 31 and the Covid-19 control stations also had to let people through.

By Van Minh - Translated by Thao Nhien

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