Vietnam Airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi from October 10

National leading carrier Vietnam Airlines yesterday announced that its passengers can access the internet aboard from October 10.

In early time, the service will be available on four Airbus A350 jets, coded from VN-A886 to VN-A889.
Passengers can identify the aircrafts offering Wi-Fi because an icon will be shown at the boarding gate.
When passengers are on board, they will also be told about the service by the cabin crew.
Wi-Fi access will be available when the planes reach a safe altitude and it will be disconnected as the aircrafts start landing.
Anyone who wants to use Wi-Fi on board can pay the service by credit card or voucher.
Vietnam Airlines has yet to decide on pricing for the in-flight wireless Internet service, but costs are expected to range somewhere between US$8 and $10 during a flight.

By BICH QUYEN - Translated by DAN THUY

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