Tourism, Sport help bring nations together

The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the World tourism organization jointly held the international conference about tourism and sport yesterday in the central city of Da Nang.

The conference focused on three issues including the trend to develop tourism in line with sporting activities; the relations between tourism and sport toward substainable development; promoting tourism & sport products...

Stressing the conference, Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said since 2001, after the Barcelona Declaration launched by the World Tourism Organization and the International Olympic Committee, sport and tourism have become a very important bringing many benifits to Vietnam in many sectors and other countries across over the world.

Through the combination between sport and tourism will help people discover the world and conquer new heights, bringing a better life. Tourism and sport is bridge linking people/nations together, added the vice prime minister.

Mr. Taleb Rifai -the secretary-general of the UN's World Tourism Organization appreciated highly Vietnam's dynamic adding that to develop substainable tourism, sport the city should ensure substainable environment.

Besides, the goverments need cooperate to have tourism, sport policies in line with the protection of heritage sites and after all, the country must strive to attract more domestic and international visitors.

ng.Khoi-Translated by Mai Quyen

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