Touring secrets of Hanoi

Vietran Tour announced a Thang Long – Hanoi Discovery Tour on May 6.

Joining the tour, visitors will be shown 1000 years of Hanoi’s history and discover the secrets behind traditional festivals, long-standing Vietnamese architecture and culinary delights from around Vietnam.

Tours can be had from four hours up to four days.

Thang Long, now the old quarter of Hanoi, was chosen by Ly Thai To, the founding king of the Ly Dynasty, as the capital of Dai Viet Kingdom (modern day Vietnam) in 1010.

Thang Long means ‘ascending dragon,’ symbolizing the will and thirst for independence of the Vietnamese people after more than one thousand years of Chinese domination.

Hanoi will celebrate its millennium in 2010, with many events planned throughout the year.

By V. Xuan - Translated by Thanh Huong

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