Ho Chi Minh City supports tourism businesses in inter-regional connection

Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Tran Vinh Tuyen yesterday presided an online meeting preparing for the Conference on Tourism Development Linkage of the Southeastern region which will be held in Tay Ninh Province on June 28.

Ho Chi Minh City supports tourism businesses in inter-regional connection

Through the meeting, the provinces leaders also had a quick discussion on development connectivity between Ho Chi Minh City with the Central provinces in the upcoming time.

Mr. Tran Vinh Tuyen appraised that in the current context, Ho Chi Minh City would absolutely focus on local market development based on the characteristics of the city, especially tourism industry, thanks to connection between the city with provinces and cities across the country. 

Ho Chi Minh City determined to focus on the following groups. The first group includes new tours departing from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta provinces and cities as well as support of human resources through training for the localities which were signed and implemented by the sides. In the coming time of the Covid-19 pandemic under control, the city will promote calling for investments in localities from domestic and foreign businesses. 

In early July, Ho Chi Minh City will kick off a summing-up conference in Can Tho city to evaluate the effectiveness after six months of signing cooperation with 13 Mekong Delta provinces and cities, thereby drawing common experiences.

The second group includes Ho Chi Minh City with the Southeastern provinces and cities which will sign a cooperation agreement at conference as of June 28 in Tay Ninh - one of the provinces with a lot of recent tourism development investment projects. 

Ho Chi Minh City will continue supporting tourism businesses close to the provinces. 
In the context of some travel operators also reported a shortage of new products, the good connection among localities is expected to become a bridge for businesses to explore the market and create new tours. 

The third group consists of Ho Chi Minh City and the Central provinces which would prioritize on cooperation via a tourism stimulation forum. 

The city intends to deploy connections with the Northeastern and Northwestern provinces and cities in the coming time. 

By Thi Hong- Translated by Huyen Huong

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