Biển Hồ - precious pearl of Central Highland

In the middle of the immense Central Highland, where there is full of red basalt soil, Biển Hồ (Ocean Lake) is just like a transparent sapphire that brings cool fresh air for the sunny mountain city.

The whole view of Biển Hồ from above

From Pleiku city, go along highway 14 toward Kon Tum county town for a few kilometers, a mountain covered with fog will appear.

Out of the highway, go over some canyons, there will be a beautiful road with bitumen. The scene around is so impressive that can even help travelers to wear away all tiredness and be more eager to reach Biển Hồ.

When the road becomes more sloping, it is suddenly stopped by a three steps staircase that leads to a small watching tower on the top of the hill that juts out into Biển Hồ.

From that tower, Biển Hồ appears so impressively. All scenes around are just like mixing in a beautiful deep blue color, so peaceful and imposing.

Biển Hồ, in fact, is a crater of a large volcano, which has been passive for hundreds of millions of years. It is located in Biển Hồ commune, at a distance of about 7 kilometers from Pleiku city (in Gia Lai province).

With an area of 230 hectares, Biển Hồ is always full of water all year round. Its surface is placid and its water is very clear.

Biển Hồ not only provides water for the whole region but also helps local people with hundreds of tons of fishes each year.

It is such a miracle when this beautiful large lake with over 30 million cubic meters hangs in the middle of Central Highland. Tenderly, Biển Hồ nestles against imposing mountains and reflects the cloud shadows.

Opposite to Biển Hồ for a few kilometers toward the South is Hàm Rồng (Dragon’s Jaw) mountaintop, which is also a crater of a passive volcano.

In the distance are the hills of red basalt soil that are full of tea and coffee trees, along with immense forests and the Pleiku mountain city.

When the sunset fall downs, the surface of the lake looks like being turned into golden. The scene is more peaceful and dreamlike with the image of birds coming back to their nests.

Biển Hồ is most beautiful in the flowering season, when there are various kinds of flower blossom. Chrythansemum flower dyes all forest’s cover with its splendid yellow color.

“Êpang” flower (a typical flower in Central Highland) spreads out its special green from the lake’s surface to the mountain slopes above. The impressive red of rice flower, along with violet flowers covers all the edge of the lake.

Leaving Biển Hồ, any travellers would longingly miss its impressive and peaceful beauty. Biển Hồ is such a precious gift that the Central Highland has been given.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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