Beautiful spot at Tà Cú Mountain Resort

With an area of more than 250,000 square meters, Tà Cú Mountain Resort has a diversifying ecological population with beautiful forest and mountain.

The suspension cable of Tà Cú Resort

Tà Cú Mountain Resort is located near the Highway 1A, in Thuận Nam town, Bình Thuận province, at a distance of 30 kilometers from Phan Thiết city.

Recently, a modern system of suspension cable has been set up at Tà Cú. It is 1,600 meters long, 505 meters high. This system contains 35 cabins, which is closed and opened atomically and can serve 1000 tourists in an hour.

There are two terminals: one is for the under suspension cable and one for the above suspension cable. There is also a large square, and some supplementary zones that are all spacious, which provide tourists comfortable space.

Sitting on the suspension cable, gliding on the top of the trees, enjoying the fresh and cool air around and watching the beauty of the nature, tourists would totally feel relaxing and comfortable.

After the small mountain and the primeval forest has been left behind, a beautiful scene of Hàm Thuận Nam sea will appear, and right on the left hand side, there would be the 100 – year – old Kê Gà lighthouse, which is now still working.

At the above terminal, the air becomes cooler. Follow the path for several hundred meters, there is a collective of pagoda, tower, statue of Buddha and cavern.

Most noticeable is the “Song Lâm Thị Tịch” vestige. It is famous for the statue of Buddha achieving Nirvana, the biggest statue of this kind in South East Asia, and the statue of Trikaya (the three "bodies" of the Buddha-State), which is listed as a historical and cultural vestige of the nation.

In the primeval nearby, many orchids show off their pure beauty on the oil trees and crape myrtle trees. The campus of the pagoda on this mountain is commodious with many benches, from which tourists can enjoy the cool breeze coming from the sea.
It is also that interesting when the suspension cable goes down. From above, the view is very magnificent with beautiful gardens of blue dragon trees mix with the fresh red color of the tile from some villages nearby.

Especially, tourists will be completely surprised and interested when realize that the whole resort just looks like a beautiful paintings in which a Vietnamese two – chord fiddle links to a big guitar by a pretty bridge.

In the recent years, the climbing mountain competitive festival is also held in Tà Cú mountain, which has attracted young people to take part in.

With the group of vestige and beautiful spot, as well as the cool fresh air, Tà Cú is really an attractive tourist destination.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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