The V-League from Different Aspects

When V-League 2007 ended, the reviews were mixed. From ordinary people discussing plays at street cafés, to reporters and journalists analyzing the pros and cons of this year’s season, it seems that everyone wants to be an expert.

The V-League from Different Aspects ảnh 1
Binh Duong team on their cup-receiving day

To some extent, they all have the right to feel happy or sad after a game, and they should be able to discuss their reasons in their own way. After all, it is a game loved by many, not just the players or the club leaders. Therefore, club managers shouldn’t get too angry about criticism from viewers.

In a recent interview, Mr. Le Thuy Hai, manager of the champions, said: “I would accept the title ‘best coach’ if I was elected by other coaches. If I was chosen by journalists and reporters, I won’t accept the title.” Mr. Hai’s statement was a bit shocking, but he may have his reasons.

For instance, three important men – Vietnam’s coach Alfred Riedl, Dong Tam Long An’s manager Henrique Calisto, and Hoang Anh Gia Lai’s manager Nguyen Van Vinh – all said that Binh Duong deserved the championship title, and added that only matches between Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Binh Duong, and Dong Tam Long An were worth watching.

However, people doubted that these important men had seen all the matches in the V-League.  They could hardly arrange their busy schedules around every game, and thus their conclusions can not be reliable.

It is important to note that the general view of the V-League can’t be described in a few lines or even a few newspaper articles. These short critiques do not capture the essence of the V-league. For example, people shouldn’t have too many complaints about foreign players. When they play well, people say they dominate the V-League; and when they play badly, they are bitterly criticized. That’s not what football is all about.  Such conclusions should only be made after an extensive poll and a thorough review of statistics.

People are usually very straightforward with their criticism, but they need to look at the V-League as a whole.  The V-League is a good training place for Vietnamese players, despite all the criticism and scandals. This should be evident when we look at the successful results of Vietnam’s national team.