Tourists to localities surge sharply during holidays

Tourists to localities surge sharply during holidays

On the first day of holidays marking the National Reunification Day (on April 30) and May Day (on May 1), many tourists flocked to tourism sites in Nha Trang City of Khanh Hoa Province with 3,000 visitors, Dong Loc T-junction, Dong Loc Town, Can Loc District, Ha Ninh Province with over 15,000 travelers, Vung Tau City with around 36,000 people, Ba Den Mountain with around 20,000 ones, a triple increase over ordinary days while travelers in Thua Thien – Hue Province surged doubly causing serious traffic congestion. 
Prolonged slow traffic flow on My Thuan Bridge on February 6. (Photo: SGGP)

Heavy traffic flow to major cities after Tet holiday

Traffic congestions were reported in various locations nationwide on the last day of Tet holiday as people from the Central region, the Central Highlands, and the Mekong Delta were rushing to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to resume their work.

The first ferry departs from Rach Mieu temporary ferry station. (Photo: SGGP)

Ben Tre inaugurates Rach Mieu temporary ferry station

The Rach Mieu temporary ferry station crossing Tien River was put into operation on January 27 to reduce traffic congestion in the Mekong Delta region in the upcoming Tet holiday.
Traffic jam repeatedly occurs in Rach Mieu bridge in holidays (Photo: SGGP)

State capital suggested for bridge construction in Mekong Delta

Because of the currently slow disbursement of Official Development Assistance (ODA) funds, the Ministry of Transport has agreed with proposing the Government and the National Assembly to use state budget for building Rach Mieu 2 bridge to ease traffic jam in the Mekong Delta.
A traffic jam stretches over 10 kilometers in Highway N2, Bến Lức district, Long An province in the photo taken from Minh Hai's Facebook posting

Tet travel heavily overloads roads to Mekong Delta

Tens of thousands of people from HCMC and southeastern provinces returned to their hometowns in the Mekong Delta to celebrate the Tet holidays on February 11, overloading National Highway 1A and other routes such as Highway N2 and Highway 50 and causing badly traffic jam.