Vy Van Tuyen is taking clean water from the supply station sited at Ia Muung Hamlet

Central Highlands wholeheartedly welcoming clean water to serve residents

The hills and mountains in the Central Highlands, plus scattered populations in remote areas, make it extremely challenging to distribute clean water to the community for daily use. In order to maintain sanitation and medical safety for citizens here, the local authorities have determinedly mobilized all possible resources to fulfill the task.

The area near rivers in Lak District is facing serious land erosion

Vietnam facing high risk of landslide in rainy season

The Central Highlands is entering the rainy season with many out of its 2,000 reservoirs being outdated. This is a serious danger to the life of local residents around those reservoirs.

Central Highlands farm products seek markets

Central Highlands farm products seek markets

The Central Highlands has over 5 million hectares of agricultural land. The agricultural development here has many advantages, but the situation of “bumper crops, low prices” and “bad harvest, high prices” occurs in many places. Sometimes, agricultural products even face stagnancy in consumption.
The forest in Zone 486 of Mang Den Town is destroyed. (Photo: SGGP)

Forests in Central Highlands witnessing serious encroachment

Even though the Prime Minister has ordered a closure to Central Highlands forests for a long time, it is a fact that the forests here are being encroached from different directions. Statistics reveal that the total surface area of these forests is only 2.5 million hectares, and the situation is getting worse.