People are buying zongzi in WinMart, located on Cong Hoa Street of Tan Binh District on June 2

City dwellers trying to cope with commodities price rise

The continuous increase of fuel price lately in Vietnam has triggered a butterfly effect to the prices of other commodities. While large supermarkets and malls in Ho Chi Minh City are striving to stabilize the prices of the displayed goods within their budget, retailers do not have that luxury. During this chaotic time, end-users have become the most vulnerable.

HCMC Food watchdog tightens food safety regulation (Photo: SGGP)

HCMC Food watchdog tightens food safety regulation

The Ho Chi Minh City Food Safety Management Board said that it must tighten food safety regulations as Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year) is approaching; therefore, purchase power of food has increased more.