Information leaks in online purchasing is a lucrative chance for cyber criminals to steal personal information of Internet users. (Photo: SGGP)

Citizens warned to tighten information security during Covid-19 pandemic

As Covid-19 pandemic is becoming more complicated and people increasingly switching to online activities, information safety has been more critical than ever. Citizens are warned to be exceptionally careful with online transactions to avoid scams and money stealing.

The police are inspecting the location where criminals carry out their illegal activities.

Illegal digital data trading detected

The Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention, Ministry of Public Security (A05) yesterday announced the result of its fight against a group of people illegally selling confidential digital data of Vietnamese people.

Information of Vietnamese citizen ID card is sold illegally on RaidForums

No information leak in latest illegal ID card information sale

An account named Ox1337xO, created on RaidForums in May 2021, announced a sale of a 17GB data package on May 13. This package is supposed to include details of citizen ID cards of many Vietnamese people. The post was then deleted, but was still stored in the cache of Google search engine, and has raised serious concern over information safety.

Sensitive information security has become the focused area after many incidents of data leak lately. (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnam introduces passwordless authentication

Never has the issue of security for sensitive information received such a focus as it is now. Witnessing a series of confidential information leak lately, Internet users all over the world, including Vietnam, hope to have a safer approach using advanced technologies in order to discourage even expert hackers.

High-quality email service providers always offer warning features when users have new emails from strangers. (Photo by SGGP)

Simple cyber attacks raging in Vietnam

Certain attacks on the Internet such as spam, phishing, scam comments on social networks, look quite simple; yet they are wrecking a havoc for both the community and businesses in Vietnam.

Cyber security becoming urgent issue in Vietnam

Cyber security becoming urgent issue in Vietnam

Just like other countries in the modern world, Vietnam is significantly affected by complicated and rapid changes of cyber security. These changes have posed risks and challenges to each individual, organization, and company. They even issue dire threats to national security.