Steel prices cool down

Steel prices cool down

After sharp increases to above VND19,000 per kilogram, causing difficulties for construction projects, steel prices have gradually cooled down to around VND17,000 per kilogram in recent days, depending on brands and products.
Ministries seeks solutions to stabilize steel prices

Ministries seeks solutions to stabilize steel prices

Construction material prices, especially steel prices, have continuously escalated with an increase of about 40 percent in the domestic market. It has caused negative impacts on construction activities, house prices, and other construction works. In the past 10 days, large domestic steel manufacturers have continued to increase their selling prices of steel products from VND300 to more than VND500 per kilogram. Ministries of Construction, Industry and Trade, and Finance are seeking solutions to solve this situation.
Illustrative photo ( Photo: SGGP)

Government inspectorate propose to reclaim long delayed projects in HCMC

After finishing their inspection over land use, urbanization planning adjustment and construction investment in Ho Chi Minh City, the Government Inspectorate petitioned the Prime Minister to take back property projects whose land has been allocated but implementation has been delayed for a long time.
Director of the Department of Planning and Investment Le Thi Huynh Mai (Photo: SGGP)

HCMC beefs up public investment disbursement

Director of the HCMC Department of Planning and Investment Le Thi Huynh Mai said that Ho Chi Minh City has allocated VND41,691 billion (US$1.7 billion) for public investmen to beef up public construction projects.
Many construction projects have encroached the Saigon River (Photo: SGGP)

Tens of construction projects encroach Saigon River

The Saigon River plays an extremely significant role to HCMC, supplying fresh water, being an important waterway traffic route with many seaports and beautifying the city. Still, many sections alongside the river have been reclaimed and encroached with lot of houses and tens of construction projects.