VTV, VTC to share TV rights of football leagues with AVG

Vietnam television channels VTV and VTC yesterday announced that they would accept a proposal to share televised rights of Vietnam’s professional football leagues with AVG, which has acquired the rights from a controversial deal with Vietnam Football Federation (VFF).

In a document sent to VTV and VTC on February 25, AVG said they wanted to invite the two parties to join in the contract to receive TV rights that will be transferred from VFF. The proposal is intended to show AVG’s goodwill with relevant parties, and to better serve football fans by enabling them to watch the football leagues in different TV transmitting channels.

The three television stations would thus mutually exploit the TV rights, in which VTV would hold 40 per cent of the rights, while VTC and AVG would hold 30 per cent each, according to the contract.

“VTC agreed with AVG on the cooperation and sharing of TV rights over Vietnam’s football leagues,” said VTC deputy CEO Nguyen Trung Kim when he was asked about the response of VTC to the proposal from AVG.

Meanwhile, AVG officials said that after all relevant parties have accepted the partnership proposal of AVG; the company will meet with VTV and VTC next week to reach more specific agreements.

On its part, VTV said in a document sent to AVG that VTV accepted in principle the proposal to share TV rights with AVG.

Source SGGP - Translated by MT Translated by MT

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