Several domestic automakers offer discounts

Figures by the General Department of Vietnam Customs showed that automobile businesses in Vietnam have spent nearly US$1.56 billion to import 70,918 units of cars by mid-June.
Several domestic automakers offer discounts

Of which, most of them were cars with less than 9 seats, accounting for around 75.8 percent. With an average price of $16,927 per unit, total value of cars with less than 9 seats was at US$77.29 million.

Automobile enterprises in Vietnam also expended $143.34 million to import components and spare parts to serve domestic production, increasing total amount of money used for this activity to $1,798 billion.

Vietnam still imported most cars from Thailand then Indonesia. In addition, Vietnam also imported from China more than 2,000 units, from Japan 1,523 units, from the EU 920 units and from the US 674 units. Automobile purchasing power in domestic market has risen by more than 200 percent.

On the contrary, consumption of domestically-assembled cars grew slowly and tended to decline. This is considered as the reason that several domestic automobile manufacturers have offered discounts on various car models since May this year.