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Hochiminh City is the country’s biggest trade and economic hub. It has tropical climate with two specific seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season begins from November through April with an average temperature of around 28oC. The rainy season is from May through October. Especially, a rain is not too long; it sometimes lasts only a few minutes then stops and the sun rises again.


When tourists enter Vietnam, they must obtain an entry visa, except citizens from countries which are granted visa exemption such as: Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cuba, Japan and Korea. An entry visa is obtainable at Vietnamese diplomatic missions and 3-month valid passports are required. A 30 day tourist visa is usually sufficient for tourists though it is possible to arrange 3 months to 6 months multiple entry visas for business people.


Tourists who wish to extend, supplement or amend their certificates of temporary residence in Vietnam should follow the procedures required at the office of provincial public security (The Immigration Department). Special cases of temporary residence shall be processed at The Immigration Department, 40 A Hang Bai – Ha Noi



 -         International Airport in Hochiminh City named TAN SON NHAT


+ Airport Tax:


- International flights: 12 USD

- Domectis flights:              none

+ Customs procedure:


-  On entering Vietnam all visitors must complete an entry/exit form including a customs declaration (white/yellow color). It is important that the bottom copy (yellow sheet) of this form is kept safe with your passport while in Vietnam and is presented to the customs and immigration officials on departure.

There are no limited amounts of foreign currency, objects of gold, silver, precious metals and gemstones or plated with silver or gold but visitors must  declare these in detail on the customs forms.


If you lose things, don’t worry, call (84-8) 8446 662 ext 7416 – Lost and Found Service at Tan Son Nhat International Airport will help you.




Bus in HCMC

-         Metered cabs:  < US$ 5.00

-         Shuttle buses:  VND 2,000


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