Yellow Apricot Tree in Da Nang Has Flowers With 100 Petals

A yellow apricot tree featuring 100-petal flowers is beginning to blossom, signaling the arrival of springtime in Viet Nam. The tree belongs to Dinh Tho, an elderly resident of Da Nang City.

“The original variety of this tree only has from five to nine petals per flower but this one has developed 100! It really is a strange tree”, said the Director of the Da Nang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vo Van Tien.

The tree is of the Ha Hong Diep variety which produces blazing, yellow flowers with 90-120 petals, Mr. Tho said.

Apricot trees are the symbol of springtime in Southern Viet Nam. People who own trees with flowers having 9-12 petals will enjoy good luck during the following year.

Source VNA – Translated by Kim Khanh

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