Vietnamese mobile game market witnesses impressive growth

Six independent Vietnamese game developers, along with their counterparts in the region, has just completed the first training course Indie Games Accelerator (IGA), held by Google in Singapore.

Photo by Gamenomnom.

Photo by Gamenomnom.

Reports have shown that as to the number of participants in the training, Vietnam is ranked second, preceded by India and surpassing many nations like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Representatives from Vietnam are mostly from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, bringing along their proud products to take part in the IGA 2018, including WolfFun (with ‘Heroes Strike’ game), Tope Box (with ‘Realm War’ game), BeeMob Hanoi Studio (with ‘BeCastle’ game), CSC Mobi (with ‘Cooking Idol’ game), GEMMob (with ‘Overdrive’ game), and SUGA (with ‘Ability Draft’ game).

Being the ‘launch pad’ for independent game developers, IGA has offered various practical values to its participants from the stage of developing and nurturing their own applications to the phase of optimizing the commercial aspect after the launch of those games.

In the event, reports by Google and Temasek showed that the Vietnamese mobile game market has increased by more that 50 percent this year. Until 2025, the forecast Internet economy in Vietnam will reach a growth of $33 billion, 11 times as large as the one in 2015 and becoming the third in the whole South-east Asian region.

By KIM THANH- Translated by Thanh Tam

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