Vietnam receives over 5,400 cyber-attacks so far


The Authority of Information Security (under the Information and Communications Ministry) has just announced that in the first five months this year, there have been 5,463 cyber-attacks in Vietnam, including 930 Phishing, 776 Deface, and 3,757 Malware.


Vietnam receives over 5,400 cyber-attacks so far ảnh 1

In this May alone, the National Cyber Security Center has identified, delivered warnings, and handled 847 cyber-attacks causing severe effects to information systems in the country, a decrease of 9.7 percent compared to April. Among them are 161 Phishing, 226 Deface, and 460 Malware.

The reason for this drop is a more stable socio-economic status nationwide, plus an increase in vigilance towards cyber dangers, and more focus on measures to ensure cyber security or public security in general.  

Therefore, it is more difficult for criminals to commit their crimes on the virtual environment via spreading malware, tricking people to appropriate property, or destroying valuable data of users and organizations.

By Kim Thanh – Translated by Vien Hong

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