Smooth communication ensured at all time during Covid-19 pandemic: Ministry


The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has just released Document No.1103 to demand that relevant organs ensure the quality and effectiveness of telecommunications, especially Internet connections, during the time of Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam for operation and management tasks of state offices as well as teleworking of citizens.

Smooth communication ensured at all time during Covid-19 pandemic: Ministry

Accordingly, all telecommunications service providers must check and update the infrastructure and operation of their networks to make sure communication is always clear.

These companies are instructed to form backup teams and working stations in case of isolation so that technology support is provided at all time; to prepare solutions in the event that one or more stations have to be isolated; to expand the Internet bandwidth and improve telecommunications service quality, especially those for educational and teleworking purposes.

MIC also asked that telecommunications companies assign mobile stations, prepare backup equipment and connection methods, form technical teams for emergency communication issues, expand network availability to answer unexpected demands of both businesses and residents in the city, particularly those in isolation areas and quarantine centers.

Telecommunications enterprises are requested to develop working plans to minimize direct contact, opting for indirect transactions with customers via technological solutions. They need to provide their clients with proper instruction on how to take full advantage of offered services in the period of nationwide social distance.

Telecommunications companies in the same area are suggested to closely cooperate and support one another when necessary to ensure connection and service quality at all cost.

These enterprises are asked to deliver frequent reports to the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (under MIC) about the current status and possible difficulties, along with feasible solutions for timely implementation.

MIC issued Document No.1110 to ask the National Steering Committee on Covid-19 Disease Prevention and Control and the People’s Committee of all provinces to prioritize electricity and water supply for telecommunications network operation stations of all telecommunications companies to ensure they can work around the clock effectively.

In case of network trouble, the technical team of the related company has to solve the problem as soon as possible to make communication clear again. Therefore, MIC proposed that the local authorities allow free access of officers and vehicles (registered in advance) of these companies. When entering sensitive areas, these officers need to strictly observe all rules about disease protection (wearing protection clothes, face masks, gloves, glasses; performing body disinfection before and after going into these areas).

If there is an infected case right inside buildings that locate telecommunications operation stations and an isolation order is issued, MIC asked for the approval of on-site quarantine for the technical team to ensure smooth network operation.

By Tran Binh – Translated by Thanh Tam

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