Slab of Ancient Stone Discovered in Ha Giang

A 30cm-thick slab of strange ancient stone with its surface measuring three square meters has been discovered in Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province. Archaeologists believe that it may be used by prehistoric people to worship their patriarchs 2,000 years ago.

The stone slab is put on three flat stone pillars, 200m away from another slab of ancient stone discovered two years ago by local people.

That slab of ancient stone, which was carved into patterns of geometry, man’s feet, sex organs, etc was found in a valley by a group of archaeologists from the Viet Nam Institute of Archaeology and General Museum of Ha Giang Province.

Scientists and historians are now studying the meanings of the carvings and odd patterns on the rock, and try to come up with ways of preserving them from the ravages of time and weather.

By C.Ng – Translated by Kim Khanh

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