Research on generator powered with water should be continuously funded- research center

Center for Research Implementation on March 16th gave conclusion on invention of electric generator run with water by PhD. Nguyen Chanh Khe, asking government science agencies to continuously finance the research.

PhD Nguyen Chanh Khe (in blue) introduces his invention to scientists at the Ho Chi Minh Coty High-Tech Park on March 9, 1012.

The conclusion was made after a scientific seminar on the doctor’s invention held on March 9th.

The conclusion quoted a report by Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu saying that while waiting for conclusions from US and Vietnam’s agencies for intelligent property rights Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park or Department of Science and Technology should continue funding his project.

The departments also should continuously test the energy operator run with water in order to check the stability of electricity generating process for a long time and evaluate economic efficiency, said the conclusion.

The Center for Research Implementation also asked the department to keep secret of Mr. Khe’s technology.

However the conclusion the study is not a scientific research in accordance with current scientific management regulations and Rules on management of scientific research, technology, pilot production project issued by the Center for Research Implementation.

His invention has been registering to scientific organizations and not yet been grant certificates, hence the center always encourage and facilitate the doctor to register his scientific research at the city’s Department of Science and Technology, said the conclusion.

The center will finance for the invention if it has got certificates.

PhD. Nguyen Chanh Khe announced his electric generator run with water to the media in January. After his announcement scientists have discussed his invention and several forums have also opened on the media.

By Ba Tan-Translate by Viet Khoa

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