The image from the account ‘BOT Bac Thang Long – Noi Bai’ misrepresents the truth

Cyber fake news criminals in HCMC during pandemic fight identified

Lately in Ho Chi Minh City, there has been cyber fake news relating to the fight against Covid-19, leaving the community confused and even anxious. After careful tracking, the functional agencies of the city have been able to pinpoint the criminals.
Tran Thi Thanh Trang from Binh Chanh District of Ho Chi Minh City is instructing her family members to use the app ‘So Suc Khoe Dien Tu’ on a smart phone. (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnam effectively using electronic health record in Covid-19 fight

As the latest Covid-19 outbreak becomes more complicated in Vietnam, an formal application for smart devices developed by the Health Ministry to register for and check the vaccination procedure, to declare health status and make doctor appointments has attracted much attention from the public because of its convenience.

HCMC perfecting vaccination information updating procedure for its residents

HCMC perfecting vaccination information updating procedure for its residents

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications is cooperating with the Authority of Information Technology Application (under the Ministry of Information and Communications – MIC) to integrate databases from the Health Ministry, the National Database Center, and the HCMC Database Center to better manage vaccination information of all its residents.

VNG - a successful game company - has prepared to enter Nasdaq

Game industry in Vietnam sees promising future

Vietnamese startups in the digital content industry, especially the game industry, are witnessing impressive revenue increases despite the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has encouraged them to pour more effort and courage in investing and developing more products in the future.

Technology - useful tool for battle against Covid-19

Technology - useful tool for battle against Covid-19

Facing the dangerous and highly contagious Delta variant in the fourth wave of Covid-19, relevant agencies are strongly utilising technology as a useful tool for large-scale contact tracing, testing, and vaccination management.
The fake news about dead bodies due to Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City, being widely spread in the middle of July

Vietnam tightens administration to reduce harmful effects of social networks

The popularity of social networks to the community has both negative and positive impacts, especially during the social distance period when people have to use the Internet to update information around them. Using stricter policies and regulations, the Government is trying to minimize these drawbacks to provide a healthier virtual environment for its citizens.

HCMC launches app Oxy 247 to help Covid-19 infections

HCMC launches app Oxy 247 to help Covid-19 infections

The Ho Chi Minh Department of Information and Communications has just launched the app named Oxy 247 to help all people and medical facilities conveniently track the real-time availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and ventilators for Covid-19 patients.
HCMGIS officers are installing the GIS software that is developed according to the requirements of each district

HCMC effectively applies GIS in geology-based platforms, Covid-19 fight

GIS (Geographic Information System), a technology to collect, manage and analyze geographic data to create maps and update their information in real time, has been widely used in Ho Chi Minh City for several tasks, especially in the combat against Covid-19.