Newest method to block marketing messages


From now on, mobile phone users in Vietnam can subscribe into the list to block all marketing messages and calls via a short SMS to 5656. They can also report annoying or unwanted advertising content as well.

Newest method to block marketing messages

Accordingly, in order to enter the list of blocking any marketing message or call, mobile phone owners need to send an SMS to 5656 with the following structure: DK DNC

If they want to opt out of this list, they have to send a message also to 5656 with the structure HUY DNC

In order to report an unwanted advertising call and message, phone users should use this structure in their message to 5656: V [phone call number] [content of the call] and S [number sending the message] [message content], respectively.

For example, users may write S 090xxxxxxx mua ban dat nen and send to 5656 to report an ad message about real estate marketing.

Finally, users can also forward an advertising message to 5656 via this structure FW [content of ad message]

All messages sent to 5656 are free of charge.

By Minh Thu – Translated by Thanh Tam

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