Nation’s First Commercial Satellite Reaches Final Orbital Slot

The Vinasat-1, Viet Nam’s first commercial satellite, was positioned in its designated orbital slot at 132 degrees east, 35,768 km away from the Earth Monday, according to the Vinasat Project Management Board.

Vinasat-1 is launched on April 19 from Kourou Spaceport

Vinasat-1 was launched on April 19. The satellite was then navigated into its orbital slot by experts from the Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems.

Vinasat-1 will be ready to be used by the Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group by the end of next month.

The Vinasat Project Management Board also affirmed that the satellite has been operating without a hitch since its launch on April 19.

Vinasat-1, a medium-sized commercial satellite, is designed for a minimum service life of 15 years. It features 12 operating Ku-band transponders to provide coverage over Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and part of Myanmar.

The spacecraft also features eight C-band primary transponders to provide coverage over Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Southeast Asia, India, Japan and Australia.

Vinsat-1 is expected to improve the country’s telecom network and save around US$15 million a year in fees currently paid to foreign satellites owners. 

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By staff writers – Translated by Khanh Hong

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