Malware disguised as documents about nCoV


Cybersecurity company Kaspersky has discovered several types of malware disguising themselves as documents containing information about the novel coronavirus to more easily attack computer users in the world.

Malware disguised as documents about nCoV

Accordingly, files having malware might be in the formats of .pdf, .mp4, or .docx and with catchy names about instruction on how to protect people against nCoV or discover the virus.

However, these files contain dangerous threats to information safety like Trojan or Worm, which has the capacity to destroy, change, and copy users’ sensitive data as well as interfering in activities of the computer’s operation system.

To avoid being victims of these malware kinds, users are advised to double check any suspicious links and only access official websites for trustworthy information about the current health threat. They are also warned to be careful with files having the extensions of.exe or .lnk while installing reliable anti-virus software.

By Tan Ba – Translated by Thanh Tam

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