Latest BKAV Version Kills YMV worm

The BKIS Network Security Center of the Hanoi University of Technology has updated its BKAV virus buster to destroy the notorious YMV Worm that spread rapidly through cell phones and Yahoo Messenger last week.  

After transmitting to the USB, the worm spreads through the sharing resources of the local network

 A BKIS spokesman says the worm disperses through Yahoo Messenger and automatically transmits to the flash drive (USB) then spreads through the sharing resources of the local network.

Infected computers run slowly and Yahoo Messenger users experience a lot of trouble.

The new 1244 version came out on Tuesday. Before downloading it, check that the flash drive is not open and be sure not to open any links sent via Yahoo Messenger.

Last but not least, install an access password if you wish to share file correction and creation with others.

By My Hang (Source Tien Phong) – Translated by Phuong Lan

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