HCMC effectively applies GIS in geology-based platforms, Covid-19 fight


GIS (Geographic Information System), a technology to collect, manage and analyze geographic data to create maps and update their information in real time, has been widely used in Ho Chi Minh City for several tasks, especially in the combat against Covid-19.

HCMC effectively applies GIS in geology-based platforms, Covid-19 fight ảnh 1 HCMGIS officers are installing the GIS software that is developed according to the requirements of each district

Certain prominent applications of GIS in HCMC are the 60-layer geographic information platform suite developed by the Center for Applied GIS of HCMC (HCMGIS), the tourism map for each district, the system to manage infectious diseases, the system to monitor vegetable farms.

For many years, the HCMC Department of Science and Technology has run HCMGIS Portal to provide an integrated platform to share geographic spatial data, corresponding materials, and maps. This department has also organized various consultation programs and delivered financial support in GIS implementation.

When the Covid-19 pandemic becomes more complicated in the city, the department help a virtual conference to introduce the solution ‘Using GIS in District-level Covid-19 Prevention and Control Tasks’, containing two useful GIS software pieces, for 11 districts of 4, 6, 12, Binh Thanh, Tan Binh, Phu Nhuan, Go Vap, Binh Chanh, Can Gio, Nha Be, and Cu Chi.

Meanwhile, Thu Duc City, highly aware of the effectiveness of this advanced technology, has ordered HCMGIS to develop two specific software pieces for the city in order to manage the virus spreading status in the area and help its residents go shopping more conveniently and safely during the social distance period.

The first software is able to analyze data and prepare a detailed report on the quantity of infections, suspected cases, and the development of Covid-19 in Thu Duc City. Layered maps are included for ease of understanding and neighborhood, quarantine site management.

The second software helps citizens by updating information of stores and supermarkets in the area daily. Users can also select the optimal route to their wished stores or distribution points for relief items.

Seeing the success of the apps developed for Thu Duc City, HCMGIS is now more confident in creating more similar software for other districts in accordance with their specific requirements.

“Until now, 6 districts have implemented GIS applications in their Covid-19 prevention and control tasks. We are going to install the software, deliver proper training and offer continuous software support to the rest to improve the quality of Covid-19 prevention and control tasks all over HCMC”, said Pham Quoc Phuong – Director of HCMGIS.

By Ba Tan – Translated by Vien Hong

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