Golden Globe Award given to honor young scientists’ achievement

The organizer of the Golden Globe award gave prizes to ten Vietnamese young scientists including those who are working in foreign-invested universities with great achievements in their field.

Nguyen Hoang Chinh and his colleagues (Photo: SGGP)

Nguyen Hoang Chinh and his colleagues (Photo: SGGP)

The award is established by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Ministry of Science and Technology to recognize successful research of young scientists in information and technology, medicine, biology, the environment and new materials. Five of ten winners this year have impressive achievements as their peers abroad.
Being a youngest scientist in ten winners of the Golden Globe award, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Chinh, born in 1990, has 37 scientific articles published in local and international journals; therefore, he was invited to debate for 16 international scientific indexing (ISI) of seven largest publishing houses in the world.
Dr. Chinh hailing from the islet Long Hoa in the Mekong Delta Province of Tra Vinh decided to choose biotechnology as his major while studying in Ton Duc Thang University with desire to improve his fatherland’s agriculture with his knowledge.
He is therefore determined to pursue the biotechnology with the thirsty for seeking new remedies in treating trees. When being a student, he was guided to carry out researches in the field; his efforts in studying have been rewarded as he received many prizes and scholarships. He graduated from the university with good grade; hence, he was hired to be a lecturer of Ton Duc Thang University.
Dr. Chinh shared that researchers never stop their pursuit of knowledge as they can devote more to the country’s development. In 2014, he was granted a scholarship to study in Taiwan ( China) where he completed his master in the field of his choice. He was given “Travel Grant Award” (MOST-107-2922-I-011-086) by Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology thanks to his outstanding achievement while studying in the alien country.
Presently, Dr. Chinh is the youngest scientist and lecturer of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. He participated in the two key research groups including group of calculation and chemistry-biology nano and the group of natural products and industrial chemistry- biology. He shared that he decided to return Vietnam and work for Ton Duc Thang University to devote to the country’s growth and train students as his teachers have done.
Another winner of this year award is Dr. Doan Le Hoang Tan, 33, Deputy Head of the Center for Innovative Materials & Architectures.
Passing the university entrance examination into Faculty of Chemistry of the Natural Science University in 2005 with high scores; therefore, student Tan was selected into a class of talented students. Four years later, he graduated with high scores and he was becoming a lecturer in the university carrying out research. In 2009, Tan earned a BA in chemistry from the University of Natural Sciences under the Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City. He was one of ten outstanding students to be selected to pursue PhD program of the Center for Innovative Materials & Architectures jointly organized by the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM ) and California University in the US. He finished doctoral thesis in 2017 with Catalytic Zirconium/Hafnium-Based Metal–Organic project under guidance of Professor Le Ngoc Thach.
Remembering these first days of starting to work as a researcher, Dr. Tan said when deciding to choose to be a researcher in the new field, he realized it is a difficult path for young people like him because financial problem is a very important for researchers; therefore, he sometimes wanted to quit it. However, he was moved at devotion of teachers especially Professor Omar Yaghi, who invented MOF material (Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are organic-inorganic hybrid crystalline porous materials that consist of a regular array of positively charged metal ions surrounded by organic 'linker' molecules) plus investment in the lab for the field of the school; accordingly, he was determined to overcome difficulties in the career.
His research group comprising of selected pioneers in the field of new materials and INOMAR center have ability to train and publish scientific articles in the field. Therefore, the center partners decided to switch from support to cooperate with the center in making research in the new field.
Dr. Tan has published 26 articles on international science journals and three reports in the document of the international science conference. He is a leader of a scientist group of four projects at the school and one ministry-level project. He also is a co-author (with Professor Omar Yaghi ) in a patent registered in the US.
He revealed his research group is making research on pharmaceutical material and biodegradable organic matter in cancer treatment.
Doctor Pham Le Duy of the Medical University in Ho Chi Minh City was selected as one of the outstanding young scientists, making him one of the 2020 Golden Globe Award winners. He also received the good physician prize in 2020.
He was delighted at the news sharing that the awards not only acknowledge young scientists’ achievements but also inspire them. Doctor Duy is an active member of the Communist Union. He takes part in all the union’s activities in weekend days. He is leading 50 activities in the union benefiting medicine students. For instance, he called for contribution of essential goods and protective equipment for makeshift hospitals and quarantine wards in HCMC during the coronavirus pandemic.
He has published 25 articles in international magazine specializing in allergy and clinical immune. While studying in the South Korea, he was the first Vietnamese doctors to be selected in the management board of the World Allergy Organization. When returning to Vietnam, he tried to connect Vietnamese doctors with their foreign peers for exchanging experience in the field.
He desires to set up an allergy – clinical immune unit – the first of its kind in the South for training doctors more and treating patients better.

By Thanh Hung - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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