Faster QR code scanning thanks to T-Pass, T-Check


The solutions of T-Pass and T-Check by TMA Solutions Corp., sited in Quang Trung Software City, are used to scan QR codes from popular apps (PC-Covid and SSKDT) of visitors in and out a place within 2 seconds.

The T-Pass and T-Check solutions can automatically check the number of vaccine shots of a certain person, his or her health declaration form.

Besides being able to check whether a person is wearing a facemask or not, T-Check can identify his or her temperature, perform face recognition in comparison with the picture on the citizen ID card, read a magnetic stripe card, make a video call, activate a speaker or a light, and automatically close or open a door.

T-Pass owns the functions of remote control for door opening and closing, led light activation to allow or forbid people from entering a building, which greatly helps monitoring entrances into a building and saves human resources.

T-Pass has an online management system with sufficient data for report preparation, entry-exit image retrieval of all time for convenient infection tracking. Therefore, it is suitable to be installed in shops, hotels, building complexes for the QR code scanning task to release human resources.

By Tan Ba – Translated by Thanh Tam

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