ERP software enhanced by deployment partners

ERP, an integrated software application for business resource management not only depends on a company’s inherent ability but also that of its deployment partner and consultancy, to prove effective in today’s market.

ERP software in Vietnam is varied and suitable for companies of different sizes (Photo: Phan Hien)

ERP is a software that gathers and administers data for internal and external management of the entire company, namely, accounting, production, inventory, sales and services, human resources and customer relations, whereby being integral to the company’s day to day operations.

ERP software in Vietnam is varied and suitable for companies of different sizes.

Domestic software programs such as Fast Business of FAST, Lemon3-ERP of Diginet Corporation, AccNet-ERP 2004 of Lac Viet Computing Corporation, Pythis ERP of Pythis are geared for small companies only.

Other well-known ERP solutions, Oracle-ERP of Oracle Corporation (USA), SAP-ERP of SAP AG (Germany) and Microsoft Dynamics ERP of Microsoft Corporation (USA) are useful for mid-sized companies in Vietnam.

These overseas ERP solutions were released in Vietnam through more than 40 specialized deployment partners, namely FPT, Pythis, CSC, Tectura, SSG, etc.

Specialized partners play a key role in making ERP systems “go live” or advanced, according to Tran Quy Thanh, General Manager of Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group.

The selection of potential partners offering ERP software is therefore very important. Failure in this choice can cost more time and effort for both the company and its deployment partner.

Due to the wide variety of deployment partners, “companies should carefully consider not only the ERP software cost price but also the capacity of their partners”, said Nguyen Chi Duc, General Manager of Tectura Vietnam Co. Ltd., a specialized partner of Microsoft Corporation in Vietnam.

Many companies invest extensively in ERP deployment but their efforts come to naught due to choice of inappropriate partners.

Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group also encountered this problem seven years ago. After six years of searching in vain for a prospective partner, the company ERP deployment found a specialized partner in SAP AG in Vietnam.

Apart from deployment partners, companies in Vietnam also take the role of ERP consultants, some notables being KPMG, Accenture, Deloitte and VinaConsulting.

A consultancy with skilled and knowledgeable consultants can provide effective strategic advice to both businesses and for technical processes. Lots of companies can’t notch up overall success in their ERP systems due to the lack of such consultancies.

Besides external assistance, companies themselves need internal power to come up with successful ERP systems. They should have appropriate ERP solutions for their businesses that help optimize their management, operations and minimize unnecessary expenditure.

The application of ERP software in resource management is now popular among companies in Vietnam. The fruition of this application not only comes from the inherent ability of companies themselves but also the solid support of deployment partners and consultancies.

Source: Sai Gon Tiep Thi – Translated by Huu Duy

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