Chatbot updating citizens on Covid-19 information daily


In order to help the community to find necessary information about Covid-19 and health institutes to treat this disease, the Ministry of Health (MoH) integrated a Chatbot into the information search feature of its Zalo page.

Chatbot updating citizens on Covid-19 information daily

The introduction of this Chatbot, developed by Zalo AI, aids to reduce the rush of people to high-level hospitals, which normally hinders doctors from quickly and precisely identifying Covid-19 patients.

To search for the nearest health institute, Zalo users can access MoH’s page, then click on the tab ‘Covid-19’. From that menu, they can choose ‘Receipt Hospital’ before pressing ‘Share your location’.

The Chatbot will then automatically display the closest infirmary, with sufficient contact information like address and telephone number.

Presently, nearly 50 million people in Vietnam are receiving the latest news about Covid-19 from MoH each day.

By Tan Ba – Translated by Vien Hong

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