Case of Bkav being hacked under investigation


The Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention (PA05 – under the Ministry of National Security) is cooperating with the Authority of Information Security to investigate the case of Bkav’s source code being sold publicly on the Internet.

Not long ago, an account named ‘chunxong’ made a post to sell the source code of a software piece developed by Bkav Group on a forum for hackers.

Representatives of Bkav said that this is outdated data and was stolen by its former employee, not being hacked by a cyber criminal like the post stated.

Right after Bkav’s announcement, ‘chunxong’ publicly said that he has never worked for the company before, and displayed proof to show that he had been able to successfully hack into the server of Bkav.

Then came a series of screen captured images of a local network called VALA, having chat scripts discussing work-related issues, assumingly the content about handling Bkav’s hacked data by members of Bkav’s Board of Directors.

These screenshots can better convince the cyber community, especially when the responses posted in the group match the content of Bkav’s reply to the media and the post on its WhiteHat Forum.

Bkav has sent notification and an official document to functional agencies about the case.

By Ba Tan, Tran Luu – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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