Bkav detects new malware spread via USB drive

Bkav Internet Security Company has announced detecting a new virus, called W32.UsbFakeDrive, which creates another drive inside the USB drive and hides all user data inside it.

Virus scanning report by Bkav.

The second drive inside the USB drive, is in fact, a shortcut containing a virus file. When users click the shortcut to access their data, at the same time their computer becomes infected with a malicious code from the USB.

Internet security experts say that this malicious code will replace AutoRun virus which was used earlier to spread virus via USB drive.

Bkav experts recommend that in case users do not see their data immediately on opening their USB drive, they should not attempt to click on the shortcut. Users should now install anti-virus software for protection.

Earlier, AutoRun virus used to write itself onto the flash drive and make a record in autorun.inf file in order to launch when users double clicked on flash drive in Windows Explorer. Microsoft had to block Autorun.inf files for USB drive since Windows 7 version and also on Windows XP updated version.

By Tran Binh – Translated by Thuy Doan

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