Underwater Mass Wedding to Take Place near Nha Trang

Vietravel will organize an underwater mass wedding at the depth of 5 meters off Mun Island, 10 kilometers off the coast of Khanh Hoa Province on August 8. This will be the first underwater mass wedding ever held in Viet Nam.


Before the ceremony, prospective married couples will spend a day or two learning scuba diving skills on Mun Island.

On the happy day, the couples and their friends and relatives will head to Hon Mun on an illuminated a ship. Traditional wedding rites will take place on board before the couples’ relatives and friends. The grooms and brides will then dive into the ocean. In the depth of 5 meters under the sea, each couple will take turns presenting wedding ring to each other while colorful schools of fish swim leisurely around them and around nearby coral reefs.

Vietravel is offering a discount price of VND8,888,000 (US$529) per couple for the first four couples to register. (Eight is considered a lucky number in Viet Nam.) The regular price is US$1,000 per couple. The deadline to register is August 1.

Last summer, Vietravel arranged an underwater wedding for an Australian couple in Nha Trang Bay. It is recognized by Vietnam Guinness Book of Records as the first company to organize an underwater wedding in Viet Nam.

For further information, contact Vietravel Nha Trang: 23D Biet Thu Street, Nha Trang. Tel: (84.058) 526 575. E-mail: vietnamdive@vnn.vn.

By Phuong Lan

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