Saigon Innovation Hub appointed into Asian startup building program

The Malaysian government officially appointed Saigon Innovation Hub, Vietnam’s mere representative, into the program to build Asian startup, the news has been announced in the Malaysia Tech Week 2019.

At the Malaysia Tech Week 2019, Malaysia New Entrepreneur Foundation has launched initiative to form the Asian startup community named Rice Bowl Republic in order to gather Southeast Asian outstanding startups to compete with “big 4” – the world startups comprising of the US, China, India and Europe.

The startup award managers Rice Bowl also officially launched the competition 2020.

This year, Asian Rice Bowl Startup Awards comprised 13 categories, an important step for startups, incubation centers for innovative startup activities, co-working space and school supporting programs to expand their networks and get access to investors as well as take part in the global startup activities with most assistance.

At the event, members pledged to use their startup ecosystems to remove obstacles in creativity movement between Asian members and mutually support of each ecosystem of a country and globally.