Safe Eggs Available in HCMC

Safe Eggs Available in HCMC ảnh 1
The egg sorting and packaging factory

The egg sorting and packaging factory was open in Binh Chanh district on December 1. The factory, invested by Ba Huan Ltd. Co., has a design capacity of 65,000 eggs an hour. The fully automatic line is operated by two engineers, who were trained in Holland, and supervised by the supplier’s experts for the first stage.

Though having 30 years’ experience of trading poultry eggs, she once thought of quitting her job after seeing many people going bankrupt in the time of avian flu since 2003. However, her love of the trade encouraged her to import the production line for a sustainable business. She was advised by Moba, the world-leading group in the industry, to observe the operation of such lines in China and Australia before coming to the Neitherlands for the purchase decision. The total investment is nearly than USD1 million, including the line, which cost 650,000 euros, the land of 1.4 hectares and the 7,000 square meter factory. She tried to keep the selling price to agencies unchanged in spite of the cost increase.

Her company is currently supplying 450,-500,000 eggs to wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants and food processing companies. With the modern line, she is confident to visit her previous importers of duck eggs before the bird flu epidemic. Some have come with the possibility of long-term contracts.

HCMC Veterinary Department saw the factory as a breakthrough and a driving force to establish a sustainable material area, supplying safe eggs to factories, under strict management of the local veterinary unit on supervision and vaccination. A closed chain of safe eggs can be established. HCMC has 71 distributors, who will supply to wholesalers and market and supermarkets.

But not all distributors or wholesalers strictly observe the veterinary regulations. In many cases, eggs are still covered in mud after being sorted, packaged and labelled. With the new production line, eggs from provinces delivered to the factory are washed, dried and UV-decontaminated, sprayed with protective oil, printed with expiry dates and labelled with the company’s logo.

The expiry date is extended to 15-30 days from 7-15 previously. The factory is ready to do the job of sorting and packaging and labelling for other distributors. To have a reliable supply of eggs, the company has contracts with duck-raising farms in the Mekong Delta provinces of An Giang, Kien Giang, Dong Thap, Hau Giang and Vinh Long, and chicken farms in Tien Giang, Long An, Binh Duong, Daklak provinces.

The company’s freezing warehouse can store 3 million eggs, in addition to another bigger one the company leases from a company in Binh Chanh district, HCMC, helping to stabilize the poultry egg suppy in case of epidemic.