President Visits Dung Quat Shipyard, Refinery

President Nguyen Minh Triet spent Tuesday at Dung Quat in Quang Ngai Province inspecting the construction of what will be the nation’s biggest shipyard and first oil refinery.

President Visits Dung Quat Shipyard, Refinery ảnh 1
Dung Quat Port

Le Loc, the general director of Dung Quat Shipbuilding Industry Corp., briefed President Triet on the progress of the shipyard being built by Vinashin (Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation).

Mr. Loc boasted it would be the largest and most advanced shipyard in all of Southeast Asia.

In response, the President urged the corporation to become a major force in global shipping and make the name “Vinashin” instantly recognizable anywhere in the world.

He suggested Vinashin build offshore fishing vessels sturdy enough to withstand the highest waves in the worst seas and thus save lives and property.

Later that day President Triet visited the nearby construction site of Viet Nam’s first oil refinery.

He spoke highly of the pioneering project and urged the investors, contractors and workers to go all out and make the project a complete success.

Truong Van Tien, deputy general director of the National Oil and Gas Corporation, or PetroVietnam, reported on the refinery’s progress and said it was on track to become operational by 2009 as targeted by the Government.

Mr. Tien said his staff was working closely with the contractor to fix any problems as they came up and specifically mentioned troubles with the refinery’s foundations and how they had been overcome.