Poultry prices go down because of oversupply

Presently, prices of poultry in the Southern Province of Dong Nai have been continuing going down resulting in loss for farmers.

Specifically, industrial chickens fetch VND17,000-VND18,000 per kilogram, VND10,000 lower than the week before.

Chickens with colorful feathers are priced at VND21,000 – VND22,000 per kilogram while prices of pastured chickens are down to VND38,000 – VND48,000 per kilogram or a decrease of VND5,000- VND10,000 per kilogram compared to the early month.

Duck meat prices have gown down to VND40,000- VND41,000 per kilogram, an additional reduction of VND2,000 per kilogram. With the present prices, farmers suffer a loss of VND3,000- VND5,000 per kilogram.

The culprit of price decline is oversupply while demand is low. Moreover, people usually eat vegetarian diet in the seventh month of the lunar calendar; therefore, poultry consumption decreases significantly.