Police proposes prosecution against three suspects

Police in Cau Giay District in Hanoi December 6 announced to propose prosecution for three suspects as they concluded an investigation into the death of a first-grader who was locked inside a school bus.
Police proposes prosecution against three suspects

The police suggested the district People’s Procuracy to launch prosecution against supervisor teacher Nguyen Bich Quy and driver Doan Quy Phien for committing “involuntary manslaughter” and head teacher Nguyen Thi Thuy for “neglecting responsibility, causing serious consequences."

According to police investigation, though Quy neglected to count the number of students having got off the vehicle because she was occupied with helping students get to their class but she still wrote in the school bus attending book that all 13 students had been picked up and dropped off.

Driver Phien did not double-check the van because he believed supervisor Quy had counted the students before he drove it to a parking lot at the Academy of Journalism and Communication with Long still inside.

Teacher Nguyen Thi Thuy did not update the number of students in class in the school’s software. Until she was reminded updating the number of present students in class, but noted that Long’s absence had been excused.

It was not until 3:45 pm that day when Phien drove the school bus from the parking lot to the Gateway School to pick up students that Quy found Long lying motionless on the vehicle's floor behind the driver's seat. The boy was given first aid by the school’s healthcare staff before being rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead from circulatory and respiratory failure.

Teacher Thuy later asked a school staff member to change updates of the day that the boy was absent without excuse.