Police decide to prosecute those involved in making fake food products

Police decided to prosecute those involved in the criminal case 'Manufacturing and trading in counterfeit food products'.
Police decide to prosecute those involved in making fake food products  ảnh 1

The Department for Environmental Crime Prevention and Control under the Ministry of Public Security said that it had issued a decision to prosecute the criminal case "Manufacturing and trading in counterfeit food products" that occurred at the Dutch Dairy Company whose headquarter is located in Hanoi and its branches and warehouses.

According to the police document, the working group of the Environmental Crime Prevention and Control Department simultaneously paid a visit to the company’s head office, branches, and warehouse on August 24 and 25 to inspect the observance of food safety regulations. Mr. Nguyen Trung Vuong residing in Hanoi is the company’s general director and legal representative.

Through investigation, police officers verified that Mr. Nguyen Trung Vuong had directly directed employees in all stages including product production, circulation, purchase of raw materials, production processes, receiving orders, price of the product, delivery time, production order, raw materials, additives, canning, capping, labeling machines, print of the expiry date, finished product warehouse and transportation to shops.

According to the authorities, the 66/67 batches detected and sampled were all produced at the company's Holland Milk Factory. In comparison between the composition of raw materials and additives in the published dossiers that have been issued certificates by state management agencies and 14 types of orders issued by this enterprise to produce 66 batches of products and the test result performed by the National Institute of Food Hygiene and Safety, police officers discovered that the total quantity of finished products of 65/67 above-mentioned batches of goods only achieved the target of less than 70 percent compared to the announced and stated on the box label, equivalent to the amount of 29,400 milk cartons that violated the announced standards. The company has made profits of VND4.1 billion from selling milk cartons each worth over VND150,000 dong.

The inspection team temporarily seized 25,667 finished product boxes for further investigation. According to police's investigation, some 2,011 boxes have been sold with a value of about VND320 million and have not yet been recovered.

The police agency said that Mr. Nguyen Trung Vuong was well aware of the production and trading of poor-quality food products, with only the quality criteria below 70 percent of the announced and labeled levels. Substandard food products are likely to affect consumers' health which is illegal, but for the purpose of minimizing production costs for high profits, Mr. Vuong violated the law.

In addition, the authorities also discovered that Do Minh Thu, an employee of the Dutch Dairy Company, had arbitrarily cut two test results sheets, and then confirmed the original copy for public announcement of the product line The Beautiful Life colostrum and the medical nutrition product line of plant milk Enzyme Milk Organic to be allowed to circulate in the market. The total number of manufactured products of the two product lines above since the publication of the dossier is more than 6,000 boxes proftting ing nearly VND600 million.