Passengers warned of buying invalid train tickets

Vietnam Railways has just delivered detailed instruction for train ticket buyers to check the validity of their bought items to avoid fake ones when tickets for routes of the upcoming Tet holiday are scarce.

Passengers warned of buying invalid train tickets ảnh 1

People are waiting at Saigon Train Station to buy tickets online and offline

Accordingly, nearly all seats on trains running on 2023 Lunar New Year holiday have been booked while the demands are still high. Therefore, many passengers come to ticket brokers, and some even accept to buy via unofficial platforms online, which is highly risky.

To check the validity of purchased tickets, buyers should visit and choose the tab ‘Check valid ticket’. After filling necessary information such as ticket ID, train number, the departure and arrival stations, departure date, and personal paper number, they can click ‘Check ticket’ to see saved information on the system.

A careful comparison between this data and the one appearing on the corresponding boarding pass for matching information can verify whether the ticket is valid or not.

Vietnam Railways warns that passengers should not buy any tickets that are resold uncontrollably on the Internet via informal platforms. Those with such tickets might not be allowed onboard or be fined for unmatched personal information between the ticket and boarding pass.