Nha Be District using AI, remote sensing images to serve citizens

After the successful introduction of ‘Nha Be Online’ app last year to monitor construction status, at the moment, Nha Be District in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is planning to employ AI in rating citizen satisfaction with state officers and remote sensing images to manage its resources.

The app ‘Nha Be Online’ can be easily used on a mobile device. (Photo: SGGP)
The app ‘Nha Be Online’ can be easily used on a mobile device. (Photo: SGGP)

In order to apply AI to collect feedback from citizens about state officers’ administrative tasks, since this October, Nha Be District has cooperated with iCOMM Media & Tech Jsc. for the piloting stage.

This AI system has features to rate citizen satisfaction, work quality, and officer behavior. These ratings will then be collected for a comprehensive evaluation and adjustment of the app before it is installed in state offices and units that process administrative services for both citizens and businesses.

Particularly, this system may calculate citizen satisfaction via the function to identify people’s feeling by scanning their face and recording their voice as they communicate with state officers. The system can also count people’s waiting time for their turn via an algorithm to analyze images recorded by a camera and to count the quantity of people sitting in the waiting area.

The work quality and officer behavior are identified via calculating the time to serve one person (using an algorithm to determine an identity), the time an officer leaves his or her spot while still on duty or carries out personal tasks instead of formal work (using an algorithm to identify specific actions).

In the near future, Nha Be District will also collaborate with the Space Technology Institute (under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) to launch the application ‘Using Geoinformatics in Managing Construction Projects’. This app makes use of remote sensing images and pictures taken from self-flying devices to discover changes on the district’s surface.

The app is a great help in preparing documents about the current construction status in the district, in developing a more effective management system and monitoring software for construction tasks.

The Space Technology Institute stated that this software works in real time and is able to monitor even the height or expansion of a building, along with the sinking level of a construction site, which is very promising for management jobs.

The Institute added that it can finish the requested software and provide necessary human resources training, as well as regular data processing so that the district is highly aware of changes in construction here.